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Our Boats - Chris-Craft - Available at our Charleston and Beaufort Dealer Locations

Timeless Beauty for Lasting Value.

Barrier Island Marine is the exclusive dealer of Chris-Craft boats in Charleston, SC. With a 130+ year history of quality and class, Chris-Craft is one of the most recognized brand names in the world. The name evokes American heritage, traditional craftsmanship and timeless beauty. The Chris-Craft name and distinct look have become American icons, and Barrier Island Marine is proud to be able to pass an American tradition along to our customers.

With Chris-Craft's arrival into the fishing boat market, the Chris-Craft name allows for comfort and ease for either a relaxing day of fishing with the family or during an exciting fishing tournament. Recalling classic Chris-Craft boats of the past, their speedboats combine timeless style with cutting-edge performance and impressive agility perfect for water skiing or wakeboarding.

Barrier Island Marine invites you to stop by our showroom and dealer location in Charleston, SC and Beaufort, SC to learn more about Chris-Craft. Our sales team will make sure you find the perfect boat. We're proud to be one of Charleston's top boat dealers and look forward to putting you in your next boat.

Visit Chris-Craft's official website.

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